Brent Seeley

House Manager & Co-Creator

In 2012 I made a decision that I could not go on living the way that I was. Something had to change, I was bankrupt in every way possible. I went to multiple treatment centers all over Texas and had … Read More

Brooke Binstock, LMSW, RYT, LMT

Yoga Teacher, Coach

Brooke Binstock¬†is a Holistic Health coach, licensed social worker, writer, massage therapist, and teacher certified through Kripalu, Dharma Yoga and Dakini Meditative.¬† She is dedicated to cultivating a nonjudgmental approach to being human. Her teaching style is warm, grounded, compassionate, … Read More

Christine Calvert, LCDC

Founder and Counselor

My vision for Tribe is to provide a conscious, safe and effective space for men to explore mind, body, and spirit and re-connect with their essence toward true healing and change. … Read More

Duff Stoneson, Graduate Student in Counseling

Sound Healing

        I am a lifelong musician and a strong believer in the primal power of sound for integration and insight. I was formally trained in music from a young age and studied composition and recording in college, … Read More