Each resident is asked to commit to a minimum of a 90-day stay at Tribe, and are welcome to stay up to 12-months.

  • Daily meditation groups.
  • Weekly groups addressing spiritual, mental, and emotional health.
  • Weekly meetings with Integrative Life Coach to discuss spirituality, progress, challenges, and goals.
  • Community gym and pool use (2 blocks from house) and bi-weekly Yoga class.
  • Sunday afternoon Tribe gathering and house meeting.
  • Weekly group attendance to the The Wide Open Door (a community and recovery group that meets weekly to discuss spirituality as it relates to the recovery process).
  • Weekly 12-step meeting attendance and support in maintaining sponsorship, etc.
  • Structured individualized support toward sustainable recovery and inspired living.
  • Budgeting support and assistance toward financial independence, if receiving coaching.
  • Option to attend intensive therapeutic workshops at a discounted rate.
  • Attendance to weekly community meditation.
  • Option to attend bi-weekly Shamanic drum journey off-site.
  • Option for counseling sessions at a discounted rate for Tribe residents.
  • Basic housing necessities and some food provided (linens, towels, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Monthly Tribe breathwork journey or sound healing.


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Phase 1

Phase 1 takes place during the resident's first month. This phase is dedicating to assisting each man in finding a path to recovery that truly inspires him. During month one, we go through a thorough assessment process to get to know each resident. Included is 2-3 weekly in-person meetings with their Integrative Life Coach, and attendance to all offered Tribe services. We get to know their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs, as well as begin the process of understanding their goals for employment or school, and financial independence.

Phase 2

Tribe residents will spend most of their time at Tribe in Phase 2. This generally begins from month 2 until 30-45 days prior to transitioning out of the house. In this phase, residents are fully engaged in their recovery plan, they're already working, in school, or active in volunteer work, or actively working toward employment or school with support from their Integrative Life Coach. They are consistently engaged in recovery practices, maintaining integrity within the home, addressing challenges, and moving toward their personal financial goals.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is our discharge phase. Residents are paying some portion of their rent (even if it's a small percentage), are active in recovery and service in the larger community, showing leadership in the house, and meeting all their personal recovery goals. They are beginning to make plans with their Integrative Life Coach toward transitioning out of Tribe's residence and into a more independent living environment that supports their recovery. Alumni of Tribe are welcome to continue to attend most of our groups even after they've transitioned out of the house.


Individual counseling:
Individual counseling is available at a discounted rate for Tribe residents with offsite counselors.

Somatic Experiencing Sessions: April Anderson, SEP:
Alchemy of Healing
Appointments available at a discounted rate.

Acupuncture: Thomas Najar, LAC
Najar Acupuncture
Appointments available at a discounted rate.

The Brave Heart Experience with Dr. Bob Beare
Creative Life Institute

Holotropic Breathwork
Holotropic Austin

Floating at Zero Gravity Institute:
Zero Gravity Institute
Float sessions available at a discounted rate.

Personal Training at YMCA w/ Active Recovery Coach Charles McGarty:
Active Recovery Coaching

Psychiatric Support with David Walsh, MSN, RN, PMHNP-BC
Dripping Springs Healthcare

Massage and Bodywork with Stacie Brock, LMT, RYT, TIYT
Overcoming Trauma Project

Shamanic Healing Sessions with Christina Allen
Austin Shamanic Center