Avery Virginia

Coach and Spiritual Educator

Avery has a passion for spiritual wellness. She has a degree in health and wellness promotion and spent her early career in a hospital setting creating community outreach programs. Her desire for an alternative to working in corporate healthcare, led … Read More

Tom Mitchell

House Manager, Resident Coach

I spent years looking for satisfaction through my career, other people, and material things. I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “I would be happy if only I had the perfect job, wife,car, house, etc.”… only it never works out that … Read More

Duff Stoneson, LPC-intern

Sound Healing

        I am a lifelong musician and a strong believer in the primal power of sound for integration and insight. I was formally trained in music from a young age and studied composition and recording in college, … Read More

Brooke Binstock, LMSW, RYT, LMT

Yoga Teacher, Coach

Brooke Binstock is a Holistic Health coach, licensed social worker, writer, massage therapist, and teacher certified through Kripalu, Dharma Yoga and Dakini Meditative.  She is dedicated to cultivating a nonjudgmental approach to being human. Her teaching style is warm, grounded, compassionate, … Read More

Christine Calvert


My vision for Tribe is to provide a conscious, safe and effective space for men to explore mind, body, and spirit and re-connect with their essence toward true healing and change. … Read More

Brent Seeley

Co-founder, Owner

Brent Seeley is the vision holder and active leader of Tribe. His diverse background includes professional race car driving, marketing and sales. While he received much success in these areas, outer success was not his “true north”. After years of … Read More