Ben is Back Movie


Tribe team saw Ben is Back today. I was incredibly touched by the performances, and the writer’s attempt to truly bring home to viewers the seriousness of the opiate crisis in America. This is the story of a recovering heroin addict, currently in sober living, who shows back up at his parent’s house unexpectedly on Christmas eve. The entire movie takes place over the span of 24 hours, showing the whirlwind and carnage of addiction. It reminded me of those early days of recovery, the emotional upheaval, the gut gripping shame and guilt, and the heart tearing desire for some freedom that felt so far out of reach. It also brings you face to face with the often ugly and ripping family dynamic that ensues as a result of a family member’s addiction.

It brought a deep appreciation and a heart full of gratitude to the men who have come through our sober living home in Austin. And, to all those working (usually tirelessly) to support men and women in addiction recovery. May we continue to be sanctuaries of support for those still struggling.