Avery Virginia

Coach and Spiritual Educator

Avery has a passion for spiritual wellness. She has a degree in health and wellness promotion and spent her early career in a hospital setting creating community outreach programs. Her desire for an alternative to working in corporate healthcare, led her to a yoga training certification program which opened up a spiritual path for her. This new hunger for spiritual understanding pushed her to many different traditions, including; vipassana meditation, energy work and reiki, intuitive insight, mystical traditions, Taoism, manifesting, alternative healing and wellness, ancestral food healing and many more!

Avery is an avid learner of all things spirituality and wellness. She is certified in quantum reiki and hatha yoga, and uses her degree in health to create a holistic approach to achieving wholeness. She believes that through deep presence and intuitive insight she can help her clients to understand the nature of their internal blocks and create ways of navigating them. She is passionate about sharing the many approaches to spirituality and wellness that have worked for her and aims to help each Tribe member to find what uniquely serves them in their recovery journey.