Tom Mitchell

House Manager, Resident Coach

I spent years looking for satisfaction through my career, other people, and material things. I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “I would be happy if only I had the perfect job, wife,car, house, etc.”… only it never works out that way. Adding alcohol and substances made the growing dissatisfaction only worsen exponentially. What started as a way to release tension on the weekends turned into a living nightmare.

With guidance from a few key people, I was able to align myself with the flow of life and become whole again. It’s on this path that I continue to seek ways to become a better, more useful and productive person on a daily basis. And a big part of that is helping others find their own wellness path.

Tribe continues to be a key component in my own spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. It’s unlike any other sober living community I have ever witnessed or heard of. The mindfulness aspect of life here breeds respect, growth, and communication among the residents that journey through here. I am honored and privileged to be part of this Tribe.