Brent Seeley

Co-founder, Owner

Brent Seeley is the vision holder and active leader of Tribe. His diverse background includes professional race car driving, marketing and sales. While he received much success in these areas, outer success was not his “true north”. After years of active addiction, various treatment facilities and recovery modalities, it was a spiritual awakening occurring from a “dark night of the soul” that truly shifted his path. Upon discovering his inner truth he was determined to help others do the same.

He set out to create Tribe with his cofounder, Christine Calvert, as a way of supporting men in recovery to experience their own spiritual awakening as well as create a compassionate community to support their growth. Brent’s professional experience includes training in holotropic breath-work, energy work, and addiction coaching. He has personally studied various spiritual traditions, from Christianity to Mindfulness and a multitude of meditation practices, and brings a unique mix of spiritually based concepts to help the men of Tribe find a path to wholeness that works uniquely for them. He is an advocate for non ordinary recovery, which promotes safe, science backed, way of achieving altered states of consciousness to access clarity, healing and deep self reflection.

Brent personally believes in the path of wholeness and wellness as the key to long lasting recovery. He encourages and creates opportunity for various forms of physical wellness for the Tribe community, including nutrition and fitness education as well as healthy mindset and lifestyle choices classes. His approach to recovery is based in compassion, empathy and empowerment to each individual.