Christine Calvert


I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor and certified in Holotropic Breathwork by Grof Transpersonal Training ( I am also training in both Somatic Experiencing and Shamanic healing. My passion for the healing arts comes deeply from my own spiritual and emotional healing journey. I truly believe in the innate wisdom within each of us and my greatest desire is to support seekers toward a relationship with their own inner-teacher. Through study and training with some of the pioneers in Transpersonal Psychology and consciousness, I began to apply these experiences toward working with those in recovery. It is both my personal and professional goal to continue to create space to introduce integrative methods and a more expanded perspective toward recovery and mental health in order to find true freedom from addiction, trauma, and self-sabotaging and defeating patterns in our lives.

My experience with many of the world’s spiritual traditions, mindfulness practices, consciousness exploration, the 12-steps, and somatic experiencing inform my perspective and approach to working with others. My vision for Tribe is to provide a conscious, safe and effective space for men to explore mind, body, and spirit and re-connect with their essence toward true healing and change.